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AX Awards 2023: Celebrating Service, Merit, and Talent

The AX Group’s yearly Long Service Employee Awards Night has grown into a highly anticipated occasion that aims to acknowledge employees and express gratitude for their unwavering commitment to the company across all divisions. AX Group is proud to have over 1000 employees across the divisions, working together to drive the company’s success. Our people […]

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AX Group Appoints Marthese Vella as New Chief Technical Officer

AX Group is pleased to welcome Marthese Vella as its new Chief Technical Officer, effective from April 2023. With a career spanning over 30 years in senior IT management positions, Ing Vella brings an impressive track record in leading organisations through digital transformation, IT governance, strategic planning, and cybersecurity.   As CTO at AX Group, […]

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AX Group Publishes 2022 Annual Report

AX Group is pleased to announce the publication of its 2022 Annual Report. As a group with diversified operations across development, construction, real estate, healthcare, hospitality, and renewable energy sectors, we are proud to highlight the significant strides we have made in these industries over the past year. After two years of operations heavily impacted […]

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The New AX Investor Relations Website is Now Live!

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new AX Investor Relations website! The site has been purposefully designed with the scope of keeping our investors regularly updated about AX Group plc, AX Real Estate plc, and AX Investments plc, with transparency. We’re now offering an easy-to-navigate, solution that covers a wide range of investor-focused […]

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AX Group Welcomes Nicky Camilleri as New Chief Operations Officer

AX Group is pleased to announce that Nicky Camilleri has been appointed as the AX Group’s new Chief Operations Officer. Mr Camilleri brings to the group over 20 years of finance experience and an impressive track record of delivering excellent results within various senior finance positions, both locally and overseas.   “We are excited to […]

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