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Imsiellet Project

‘Are Maltese businesses ready for ESG investing?’

On Thursday 23rd July, BOV hosted a webinar, with a number of speakers, including Denise Micallef Xuereb, our Construction and Development Director at AX Group. The discussion was led by Mark Scicluna Bartoli, an advisor to the EU Commission and United Nations on access to finance and the environment, and the webinar tackled a number of questions including investments, how local authorities are supporting businesses and institutional investors.

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St Michael's Bastions Reconstruction

The Restoration and Embellishment of the St. Michael’s Bastions

AX Construction has been working on the restoration and embellishment of the St. Michael’s Bastions and the Remains of St. Michael Cavalier (situated on the same bastions) for the past weeks. The project, however, will be completed in 32 weeks. The aim of this restoration is to achieve complete rehabilitation of the whole area, including full accessibility from the public.

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Claire Zammit Xuereb

AX Hotels Ensuring Utmost Safety to All Guests

AX Hotels is a brand well-known for always keeping guests’ well-being at the top of their list. However, with the current COVID-19 situation in mind, measures have gone beyond cleanliness at this point. Hoteliers are now required to adjust to a new normal and sterilize the environment that they live and work in.

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AX Care Connectivity

Making the Elderly Our Priority At All Times

Covid-19 brings forward another hurdle apart from physical health; that of loneliness. When deprived from human contact, our elderly are subject to loneliness, depression and idleness. Their mental health is compromised and, here at AX Care, we are determined to help.

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Malta Stock Exchange Speech - Claire Zammit Xuereb

The Path to Success is Never Plain Sailing

AX Group Hospitality Director, Ms Claire Zammit Xuereb, was invited to give a speech at the Malta Stock Exchange's (MSE) Annual Awards Dinner on Friday 22nd November, 2019. Having helped to build a family dynasty within the hospitality sector in Malta, famed for its dynamic and innovative approach, Ms Xuereb is a true role model for women in business.

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