AX Group Proudly Sponsors ALIVE Charity Foundation’s Cycling Challenge for Cancer Research

AX Group is proud to announce the sponsorship with ALIVE Charity Foundation’s ALIVE2024 Cycling Challenge for Cancer Research. This partnership underscores AX Group’s commitment to supporting noble causes that significantly impact the local community. During one of their most recent training sessions, Ms. Natasha Azzopardi General Manager at AX Care, greeted the cyclists to present our sponsorship and wish them luck on their ventures.

Through this sponsorship, AX Group aims to provide essential resources that will help ALIVE Charity Foundation in their quest to fund cancer research and support cancer patients. Our commitment to this cause is a testament to our corporate philosophy of giving back to the community and supporting health and well-being initiatives.

About ALIVE Charity Foundation

ALIVE Charity Foundation is dedicated to supporting cancer research and providing aid to those affected by this relentless disease. Through various initiatives, ALIVE aims to contribute to the search for a cure and offer much-needed support to cancer sufferers and their families.

The ALIVE2024 Cycling Challenge

As part of its latest fundraising efforts, ALIVE Charity Foundation held the ALIVE2024 Cycling Challenge for Cancer Research. This event took place between 21st June and 27th June, 2024, spanning across three countries: Italy, France, and Spain. The challenge covered an impressive 1200 KM and 700 meters of vertical elevation. Starting from Milan, their dedicated fund-raising cyclists traversed the picturesque landscapes of France before reaching their final destination in Girona, Spain.

Well done to all participants! For more information about the ALIVE Charity Foundation and how you can contribute, please visit ALIVE Charity Foundation’s website.


* Header photo: Ms Natasha Azzopardi, General Manager at AX Care with members of the ALIVE Charity Foundation


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