Who We Are

Meet The Team

Today the AX Group employs in excess of 1000 people and specializes in four sectors: construction, development, hospitality and care. We employ people from all walks of life and the skill sets vary considerably. At AX Construction we employ master masons, experts in restoration and project managers. At Hilltop Gardens Retirement Village we recruit people who are leaders in the care profession. At AX Hotels its people with a passion for service, customer focused and those who know how to make a guest feel welcome.

Chris Paris

Non-Executive Director


+356 2331 2345

John Soler

Non-Executive Director


+356 2331 2345

Dr. David Wain

Chief Legal Officer


+356 2331 2345

Albert Bonello

Chief Financial Officer


+356 2331 2345

Lawrence Degabriele

Head of Information Technology


+356 2331 2345

Caroline Schembri

PA to the Chairman / Administration Manager


+356 2331 2345

Kevin Callus

General Manager, AX Hotels Sliema


+356 2133 3444

Joseph Vella

General Manager, AX Hotels Qawra


+356 2157 7101

Josephine Grima

Head of Human Resources



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