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The AX Group of companies is a conglomerate operating in six key business sectors, Construction, Development, Real Estate, Renewable Energy, Healthcare and Hospitality. The Group was established 44 years ago by Angelo Xuereb initially in the Construction industry but rapidly the Group diversified into the development and hospitality industries and later into the healthcare sector.



AX Care

AX Care is Malta’s first unique retirement village, where you will receive personal and individualized attention like nowhere else on the island.

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AX Construction

AX Construction is the only company on the island managing complex projects that include construction, restoration and project management.

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AX Hotels

AX hotels is the largest local hotel chain on the island in terms of the number of properties they manage.  The hotel chain consists of 6 hotels and the 7th will open its doors in 2019.

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AX Development

The company has been involved in a number of landmark projects that span from residential complexes, hotels, restaurants office blocks to large scale developments such as Valletta Waterfront with the Cruiseport.

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AX Real Estate

Whether you are an individual looking for the perfect home to rent, or an investor or corporation looking to grow your business in a new commercial space, AX Real Estate can deliver high-end solutions.

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