Our Story


AX Group is a diversified group of companies, that operates across multiple sectors, including construction, development, healthcare, real estate, hospitality and renewable energy. We are committed to challenging the status quo, setting new industry standards, and exceeding expectations in all that we do.



AX Care

AX Care encompasses two models of care such as independent living where residents over 55 can enjoy a relaxed retirement at Hilltop Gardens and a top facility care home Simblija where residents can receive tailor-made assistance according to their needs.

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AX Construction

AX Construction has continued to expand its unique position in the local market owing to its proficiency and expertise in complex civil engineering projects, architectural restoration, turnkey solutions & finishes, and project management services.

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AX Hotels

The AX Hotels brand has carved a unique status for itself in the local market as a hotel and hospitality operator that caters to a wide range of diverse tastes.

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AX Development

Comprised of a highly accomplished team of architects, engineers, draughtspersons, and designers, AX Development remains focused on seeking out new avenues for growth which enable the Group to plan and conceive valuable property projects with foresight.

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AX Real Estate

AX Real Estate p.l.c. is charged with leasing the Group’s six hotel properties and retirement village in addition to several warehouses, commercial offices, and residential apartments located in highly sought-after areas around Malta, to related and third parties.

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AX Renewable Energy

At AX Group we remain committed to sustainability in all its forms, and we especially recognise the importance of renewable energy in preserving our planet for future generations.

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