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Bridging the Gaps for a Better Society


The AX Foundation is devoted to supporting people living with Invisible Disabilities, with its primary focus being on the autism spectrum.


As the charitable arm of AX Group, AX Foundation was originally founded in 2006 to provide support to families of AX staff members who are going through social, mental or physical difficulties. Recently, AX Group has taken the foundation to the next level by helping autistic persons to gain the required skillsets necessary to become as independent as possible, as well as by contributing to national policy-making.


The foundation’s current project involves working hand-in-hand with the National School Support Services within the Ministry for Education and Employment to equip educators with the skills needed to provide support to children with autism.


Experts from National Autistic Society (NAS) in the UK are being brought on board to create a tailor-made training programme for all the Head of Departments (Inclusion) and Inclusive Education Coordinators in Malta and Gozo. The programme aims to enable trainees to overcome technological challenges in the field and keep up with latest research and developments available to support children on the autism spectrum.


It is envisaged that AX Foundation will invest a considerable amount for training and raising awareness in its first year of operations. Funds are already being raised through direct contributions from AX Group, and guests staying at AX Hotels properties are being invited to contribute to the cause, through one incentive at a time.


By investing in specialised entities that are able to make the most efficient use of resources provided by AX Foundation, AX Group is working towards a better and more inclusive future for all.


Should you wish to contribute to driving positive changes in society that will help people with Invisible Disabilities, please get in touch.

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