AX Awards 2024: Honouring Dedication, Achievement, and Expertise

AX Group recently hosted its much-anticipated annual AX Awards, at the Poseidon Hall at AX ODYCY Hotel, Qawra; a night dedicated to celebrating the achievements of its valued employees. Each year, this event is a highlight in the Group’s calendar, serving as a heartfelt “thank you” to all who contribute daily to the company’s success.

Mr. Angelo Xuereb, Chairman of the AX Group, acknowledged the exceptional achievements of employees who have served the company for 5,10,15, 25, 30 and 35 years, expressing his deepest appreciation for their long-standing loyalty. “Looking at all of you today, it’s clear that hard work pays off”, he continued, conveying his pride in the Groups diverse team, highlighting that it comprises over 60 nationalities, each bringing unique talents, experiences, and perspectives.

In his speech Mr. Michael Warrington, CEO of the Group added, “AX Group employs many extraordinary people.  Attracting such talent and putting together so many energised teams only came about because people recognise the care and dedication which is ingrained in our work.  I consider myself privileged to work alongside so many brilliant and motivated people and with great humility I say that I learn from you each day. “

During the ceremony, Ms Claire Zammit Xuereb, Director of AX Hotels and Care, and Ms Denise Xuereb, Director of AX Construction, Development and CEO of AX Real Estate, also took the stage to acknowledge and reward long-service. The 12 employees who were then awarded the Chairman’s Employee and Management Awards were Ms. Elaine Abela, Mr. Nasir Ali, Mr. Jean Paul Abdilla, Ms. Oxana Bilovol, Ms. Charlene Formosa, Mr. Samuel Goitom Teklay, Mr. Lawrence Buhagiar, Ms. Mary Ruth Cabrera Marquez, Mr Jason Portelli, Mr Renzo Vella and Mr Josef Zanotti. In addition, Mr Terence Borg, Mr Andrew Gauci, Ms Romina Pace, Ms Elaine Vella, Malcolm Vella Cuschieri were the five senior members of management who were nominated for the Chairman’s Senior Management Award. Ms Romina Pace was honoured with this final award and received special recognition from Mr Xuereb for her loyalty, commitment and dedication.

The late Mr Anthony Zammit, a much-valued employee at AX Construction, received a special mention and standing ovation by all attendees. An award was presented to his family, for his commitment and the positive impact he had on his colleagues and the company’s success during his tenure.

The evening also included acknowledgments for two retirees, Mr. Charles Portelli, with 23 years of service at AX Hotels Sliema, and Anthony Schembri with 7 years of service at AX Care. Additionally, the ceremony awarded the CSR and ESG awards, which were given to Ms Dorianne D’Anastasi and Mr Simon Peter Camilleri for their invaluable contributions. The event concluded with a donation of €3,470 to the AX Foundation.

Following the awards ceremony, attendees were treated to an exquisite selection of food and drinks, creating the perfect atmosphere for mingling and celebration. The catering team provided a vibrant assortment of gourmet hors d’oeuvres, and a variety of drinks, that only encouraged lively conversations and networking opportunities.

Congratulations to all awardees!

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