About AX Group


AX Group is proud to take on innovative and challenging projects.  The AX Group is known for a number of firsts in Malta. The first on the island to build the largest 4 star resort – AX Seashells Resort at Suncrest, the first to create a retirement village Hilltop Gardens and Simblija Care Home.


In order to deliver ambitious projects – creativity must be combined with determination. AX Group has been showcasing its determination with the long term vision projects such as The Valletta Waterfront and Valletta Cruiseport.


The group has always kept integrity at the core of its business operations. We strive to work on projects that are unique and first of its kind.




The AX Group of companies is a conglomerate operating in four key business sectors, Construction, Development, Healthcare and Hospitality. The Group was established 44 years ago by Angelo Xuereb initially in the Construction industry but rapidly the Group diversified into the development and hospitality industries and later into the healthcare sector.


The AX Group is synonymous with innovation and creativity. It is known for projects that are of outstanding architectural design, involve innovative concepts and are of exacting quality and standard. The AX Group is known for a number of firsts in Malta. It was the first privately owned construction company to start manufacturing pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete elements, it operated the first private hospital in Malta and for many years operated the largest hotel on the island. More recently it opened the first retirement village in Malta. It was the promoter of the Valletta Cruise Port and remains the only Maltese shareholder in the company.


The AX Group is owned by the Xuereb family with the second generation actively involved in the business. The Group has an independent board of directors and is well governed and managed. AX Group subsidiaries have been listed on the Malta Stock Exchange since 1997.
In 2018 the group consolidated its various businesses under the “AX” brand. The AX Group’s net assets at 31.10.2018 stood at Euro220 million

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