About AX Group


We harness the creativity and ingenuity of our people to develop new solutions, identify different lines of business, and pursue new opportunities to move the business forward.


We endeavour to create projects with exceptional quality that exceed client expectations. We seek to remain at the forefront of innovation to inspire growth and progress in the industries we operate in.


We deliver on what we promise by operating at a high level of transparency and trust. We act ethically in the interest of the environment and communities we work in.




In 1975, Chairman Angelo Xuereb founded AX Group, laying the foundation of the organization’s operations as a civil engineering firm. Over the decades, the company took steps towards diversification by expanding its business portfolio to include restoration works, hotels, restaurants, care homes, and many other high-quality projects. In 2018, the Group consolidated its various businesses under the AX brand. AX Group remains a family-owned business, with the second generation of the Xuereb family also actively involved in driving the company forward by seeking new avenues for growth. Driven by family-inspired values, our workforce contributes to the continued success of the Group. Together, our focus is that of exceeding client expectations and leaving a positive legacy in the industries within which we serve.

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