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AX Hotels chain consists of 7 hotels. The superior 4 star AX The Victoria Hotel, the 200 year old AX Palazzo Capua and the 5 star city hotel AX The Palace are all based in the heart of Sliema, the central part of Malta. Further up north there are two coastal resorts in Qawra consisting of the self-catering AX Sunny Coast Resort and Spa and the all-inclusive AX ODYCY. Malta’s historic capital Valletta hosts AX The Saint John – a smart boutique hotel that caters for independent and design-obsessed travelers. Rosselli – AX Privilege, our latest luxury boutique hotel, will exceed all expectations, being the first 5 star hotel in Valletta.

AX The Palace

AX The Palace hotel in Sliema offers the best of both worlds; a city lifestyle as well as views of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a 5-star accommodation in the heart of Sliema.

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AX The Victoria Hotel

A modern but classic hotel that honours the Victorian style that used to characterise the Sliema area.

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AX Sunny Coast Resort & Spa

Self-catering apartments in Qawra that guarantees sunset views and a comfortable, spacious and welcoming environment.

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AX Odycy

Boasting modern facilities and brand new accommodation options for every age and need, ranging from family-friendly to ultimate prestige, marked by a standard of service that is synonymous with AX Hotels.

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AX Palazzo Capua

AX Palazzo Capua is a splendid monument that has set its landmark as one of the oldest and finest buildings in Sliema, making it the ideal location for your romantic and luxury accommodation in Malta.

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AX The Saint John

AX The Saint John, a boutique accommodation was once a former merchant’s residence and shop. It has now been elegantly converted to provide an intriguing and hospitable setting.

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Rosselli – AX Privilege

Rosselli - AX Privilege is Valletta's first 5-star luxury boutique hotel located within the walls of Malta's capital city. It is our privilege to host you.

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