First retirement village on the island


AX Care encompasses a two-pillar business model comprised of Hilltop Gardens and Simblija Care Home. Collectively, we strive to improve the quality of life of our residents and patients by providing high-quality care in a safe, healthy, and fulfilling environment at our “village within a village” concept in Naxxar. December 2020 marked the fifth anniversary since we opened Malta’s first premium retirement village, Hilltop Gardens. Our self-contained village environment, which features its own gardens, pools, chapel, and restaurant, caters to all our residents’ day-to-day domestic and leisure needs. Hilltop Gardens achieved full occupancy within three years and remains a successful retirement option with many having come to call Hilltop Gardens home. The greater Hilltop complex houses AX Care’s three other healthcare operations. Our elderly care home Simblija offers tailor-made packages covering different levels of long- and short-term care including respite, convalescence, and palliative treatments. Our facilities also include St. Anthony’s Clinic and Revive, which is our physio- and hydro-therapy clinic.

Going forward, we will continue to kindle a sense of community throughout our village by introducing a greater variety of communal activities inspired by our residents’ interests. We are committed to creating an engaging community for all AX Care clients, where they can remain connected with friends and family, while receiving personalised care focused on their individual needs and preferences.


Hilltop Gardens

Hilltop Gardens offers the possibility to enjoy the best years of your life in a luxurious setting having access to range of facilities and amenities with 24 hour care if required.

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Simblija Care Home

Simblija Care Home is a licensed residential care home which caters for medium to high dependency patients as well as residents requiring respite care.

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Revive Physiotherapy & Aquatic Centre offers a state of the art physiotherapy clinic with a built to measure physiotherapy gym, individual treatment rooms, latest therapeutic equipment and with access to our own hydrotherapy pool.

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The Orchard

If getting together with family over a hearty meal is your favourite thing to do, then The Orchard is where you should be doing it.

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