Who We Are

Claire Zammit Xuereb

Hospitality Director


+356 2331 2345

Claire Zammit Xuereb is an entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in hospitality. She is able to spot underserved gaps in the market and convert them into successful businesses. Claire is a woman with a vision, passion and determination. Elements that were critical for every business she has launched.

Ms Zammit Xuereb, is the incumbent Hospitality Director for AX Group managing a portfolio of seven hotels, seventeen restaurants and number of brands; particularly, AX Hotels, AX Privilege and AX Events. Her achievements are the result of her hardworking and humility to listen and understand divergent ideas. Ms Zammit Xuereb is honoured with Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management from the University of Wales and a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Centre International de Glion. She has worked abroad to broaden her experiences in the tourism industry and to inspire her to develop new products. She has recently launched RoSSelli of the AX Privilege brand a five-star hotel within the Capital City Valletta designed to re-define the five-star hospitality service.

Ms Zammit Xuereb also held various positions within the MHRA council and the ITS Board of Governors. Claire also formed part of the board of the Malta Community Chest Fund, and is presently working to launch the AX foundation devoted to supporting people living with Invisible Disabilities.

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