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Michael Warrington

Chief Executive Officer


+356 2331 2345

Michael Warrington is a highly experienced executive who has worked across several industries over the course of his 40+ year career. Michael is a Certified Public Accountant, a Fellow of the Malta Institute of Accountants, and an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in the United Kingdom. He currently serves as CEO for AX Group, one of Malta’s leading diversified corporations operating chiefly in construction, development, healthcare, and hospitality.

An alumnus of St. Aloysius’ College in Birkirkara, Michael went on to complete a BA Hons in Accountancy followed by an MA in Financial Services at the University of Malta. His varied career began at Bank of Valletta in 1979 at a very formative time for the local financial services industry. During his time with BOV, the bank went through an IPO on the Malta Stock Exchange.  Michael was involved in the formation of two subsidiary banks: BOV International Ltd and Valletta Investment Bank Ltd.

After qualifying as an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, Michael served for four years as CFO of Air Malta, during a time when the airline achieved unprecedented profitability. The following years saw Michael set up his own firm, join the team that opened the Westin Hotel in St. Julian’s.

Michael’s long-standing journey with AX Group began over two decades ago. Originally approached to provide the company with financial advice, Michael was offered the role of CFO of the Group, which he took up in February 2000. It was a position he retained until 2016, when AX Group chairman and founder Angelo Xuereb appointed him as the Group’s new CEO. Right from the early days with AX Group, Michael has continued to draw from his extensive background in banking and finance to lead with a forward-thinking but measured approach which has driven the company towards steady year-on-year growth.

Michael was instrumental in establishing FCM Bank Ltd in 2011 and also in the restructuring of Novum Bank Limited in 2013 – 2016

Michael serves as a director on the board of a number of private and public listed companies both in Malta and internationally. He has held board positions with GO PLC and Malta Properties Company PLC and a number of family owned businesses. He is currently director of AX Group PLC, AX Investments PLC, Cablenet Communications Systems Plc, Together Gaming Solutions Plc, Novum Bank Limited, Citadel Insurance PLC, Nissan International Insurance Ltd, and Valletta Cruise Port PLC.

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