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Supporting people with Invisible Disabilities


The AX Foundation is devoted to supporting people living with Invisible Disabilities, with its primary focus being on the autism spectrum.


As the charitable arm of AX Group, AX Foundation was originally founded in 2006 to provide support to people who are going through social, mental or physical difficulties. Along the years AX Foundation has supported numerous other NGOs’. Recently, AX Group has taken the foundation to the next level by helping autistic persons to gain the required skillsets necessary to become as independent as possible, as well as by contributing to national policy-making.


The foundation’s current project involves working hand-in-hand with the National School Support Services within the Ministry for Education and Employment to equip educators with the skills needed to provide support to children with autism.


Experts from National Autistic Society (NAS) in the UK are being brought on board to create a tailor-made training programme for all the Head of Departments (Inclusion) and Inclusive Education Coordinators in Malta and Gozo. The programme aims to enable trainees to overcome challenges in the field and keep up with latest research and developments available to support children on the autism spectrum.


It is envisaged that AX Foundation will invest a considerable amount for training and raising awareness in its first year of operations. Funds are already being raised through direct contributions from AX Group, and guests staying at AX Hotels properties are being invited to contribute to the cause, through one incentive at a time.


By investing in specialised entities that are able to make the most efficient use of resources provided by AX Foundation, AX Group is working towards a better and more inclusive future for all.


Should you wish to contribute to driving positive changes in society that will help people with Invisible Disabilities, please get in touch.

Our Latest Updates

A Memorable Evening at the AX Foundation’s ‘Dining & Giving’ Fundraiser

The AX Foundation recently hosted its highly anticipated Dining & Giving Fundraiser on Thursday, 6th June at Minoa, AX ODYCY Hotel’s signature Mediterranean Fusion restaurant in Qawra. The event was a resounding success, welcoming over 100 guests, and raising over €33,450 in support of the Foundation’s initiatives for individuals living with invisible disabilities. Presenter Clare […]

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The AX Foundation Board

The collective dedication and passion that each of the 11 dedicated members brings to the AX Foundation mission is invaluable to continue making a meaningful impact in the lives of children facing invisible disabilities and various social, mental, or physical challenges. Together with Chairperson Ms. Claire Zammit Xuereb, their diverse expertise and shared commitment create […]

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Our Mission


Our goal is to bridge the gap for a better and more inclusive society.

Through sustainable educational projects, we are committed to support people living with Invisible Disabilities.


Our History


The AX Foundation was officially launched by Mr Angelo Xuereb, Chairman of the AX Group, on the 26th April, 2006. The activities of the AX Foundation, however, have roots dating back ten years earlier. In 1996, Mrs Josephine Xuereb, as Chairperson of the Charitable Welfare Society and Mr Xuereb’s wife, was the driving force that led the Company to provide opportunities to a number of institutions and NGOs. With the full support of the Company, Mrs Xuereb sought to help raise funds for their respective organisations.


Since being set up in 2006, the AX Foundation has continued on the same path introduced by Mrs Xuereb. Both the Charitable Welfare Society and the AX Foundation were fully subsidised and supported by the AX Group, with a newly-appointed Board of Trustees leading the way forward. The objectives of their Statute were publicly announced during a Press Release at the time of launching. While carrying on with its previous policy of helping recognised organisations, institutions and missions with their fundraising activities, the foundation had also extended its support to cultural initiatives and individuals who, due to health problems, found themselves in difficult financial situations.


In 2019, Mrs Josephine Xuereb passed on this project to her daughter, Ms Claire Zammit Xuereb to take the foundation to the next level. The AX Foundation has embarked on numerous noteworthy activities since 2006.


Mnarja Night at the Valletta Waterfront – Dar tal-Providenza

EUR 8,153.00

Wine Tasting at V5 – Caritas

EUR 5,125.00
December 2006

Collective Bazaar – Little Sisters of the Poor

EUR 2,400

Dinner at TemptAsian Restaurant – Fatima Youth Hostel


Annual Christmas Hampers – Mother Theresa needy families


Dinner at AX The Palace – Assocjazzjoni Volontarji Lourdes

EUR 5,805.00

Collective Bazaar at Magazino – 6,7 & 8th December – NGO’s

EUR 6,100.00

Concert at the MFCC, Ta’ Qali – Stars for Charity

Record amount raised in aid of Mons G. Grima - Mission Gesu fil-Proxxmu EUR 15,000.00

A Christmas Fair – 26th till the 30th November

EUR 2,851.00

Fish Bank – St Peter’s Catch BBQ Dinner

EUR 2,300.00

Officially recognised by the Office of the Voluntary Organisations

Act Registration Certificate No VO/0340 - 15th January

Financial support to a various registered NGO’s and Institutions including the Medical Team FACES

FACES - an NGO carrying out medical work in under developed communities in Africa.

During this period no further fundraising activities were undertaken

Revenue for the AXF depended entirely on the financial support extended by the AX Group Company Employees and the AX Holdings Group of Companies.

2012 - 2019

Staff Solidarity Scheme Fund

This year marked the setting up of the Staff Solidarity Scheme. The funds being generated were entrusted and administered by the AX Foundation Board of Trustees, this aid solely intended for providing support to Company employees and/or their immediate dependents. Since being set up the Staff Solidarity Scheme has so far provided financial support for eleven members of staff and the overall support up to October 2019 amounted to EUR 15,965.00.


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