The AX Foundation Board

The collective dedication and passion that each of the 11 dedicated members brings to the AX Foundation mission is invaluable to continue making a meaningful impact in the lives of children facing invisible disabilities and various social, mental, or physical challenges. Together with Chairperson Ms. Claire Zammit Xuereb, their diverse expertise and shared commitment create a dynamic force that drives the Foundation’s initiatives and ensures a holistic approach to supporting those in need.  Get to know more about the individuals shaping our charitable organisation in the sections below.


Claire Zammit Xuereb

Chairperson of AX Foundation & AX Group Director of Hospitality and Care

Claire Zammit Xuereb’s professional journey with the AX Group has seen her holding the positions of Director of AX Hotels and AX Care, reflecting her steadfast dedication to creating a positive influence in the lives of numerous individuals, particularly vulnerable children. Claire’s commitment to this cause knows no boundaries, and her shared vision of providing essential support and life-changing opportunities to these children who are facing invisible disabilities aligns seamlessly with the AX Foundation’s mission. Following on the steps and the incredible work that her mother initiated, Claire’s leadership is marked by her deep sense of responsibility and compassion, which she brings to the AX Foundation, ensuring its continued effectiveness in driving positive change.

Led by her expertise and optimistic outlook to help children in need, the AX Foundation is well poised to create a brighter future for those benefiting from the services made available, fostering a world where opportunities are abundant, and support is constant. We’ll here introduce you to the inspiring individuals on the AX Foundation team, all of whom echo Claire’s commitment to positively impacting those in need.


Josephine Xuereb

In 1996, Mrs Josephine Xuereb, as Chairperson of the Charitable Welfare Society and Mr Xuereb’s wife, was the driving force that led the Company to provide opportunities to a number of institutions and NGOs. With the full support of the Company, Mrs Xuereb sought to help raise funds for their respective organisations.


Joseph Borg

Deputy Chairperson & Chief Financial Officer – AX Real Estate

For the past 27 years, Joseph Borg has been an integral part of the AX Group, contributing significantly in various roles. A certified public accountant and registered auditor, he joined the organisation in 1996, progressing from the Financial Controller of AX Construction and the Construction Division to key positions such as Head Office Accountant, Financial Controller of the Sunny Coast Resort, and Head of Finance for AX Hotels. Currently serving as the Chief Financial Officer of the listed AX Real Estate Group of Companies, his diverse experience spans two decades in the Hospitality Division, five years in the Construction Division and Head Office, and the final two years in the newly formed AX Real Estate Group.

Beyond his contributions to the AX Group, Joseph has actively participated in philanthropy, notably through his involvement with the AX Foundation. Over the past four years, starting from June 26, 2019, he has played a vital role in the Foundation’s leadership, subsequently being appointed as Vice Chairperson on August 28, 2019. Joseph’s commitment to this cause to supporting children with invisible challenges, has not only help shape the Foundation’s direction but has also fostered meaningful engagements with professionals, parents, NGOs, and the young adults directly affected by these challenges. With the invaluable support of the AX Group and Mr. Angelo Xuereb, His efforts have translated into successful fundraising initiatives, forging a profound connection with the community and a commitment to positive change in the educational landscape for children facing invisible challenges.


Laura Galea

AX Foundation Treasurer & Head of Finance – AX Hotels

Laura Galea, who has been actively contributing to the AX Foundation as the Treasurer for a period of 2.5 years is rooted in the belief that all children should have equal opportunities to nurture their passions, develop their purposes, and pursue their goals.

With a 9-year history at AX Group, Laura’s journey within the organisation began in the Finance Department, starting as an Assistant Financial Controller and subsequently entrusted with the position of Head of Finance for the Hospitality Division. Her extensive financial expertise and resolution to the Foundation’s cause make her a valuable asset in its mission to help children benefiting from this charitable arm, become as independent as possible, creating a more inclusive society.


Caroline Schembri

AX Foundation Secretary & Head of Administration at AX Group plc.

Caroline Schembri, who has been with the AX Group since September 1987 has a deep-rooted connection with the establishment of the AX Foundation. Previously, under the chairmanship of Mrs. Josephine Xuereb, she played an active role coordinating fundraising events and handling various administrative responsibilities. In July 2021, when Caroline was invited to join the AX Foundation Board as the Secretary, she enthusiastically embraced the opportunity. The Foundation’s focus has evolved from aiding NGOs and individuals to a more specific mission of giving direct support to those children in need of the Foundation’s valuable services. Caroline finds this shift profoundly rewarding, not only for the individuals they assist but also for herself, with the hope to truly support the acquisition of functional skills and independence.


Romina Pace

Member & Head of Human Resources – AX Hotels & AX Care

Romina Pace, with over three decades of experience in the hospitality industry’s HR department, has dedicated 16 years to the AX Group. Her passion for aiding individuals, most specifically children with invisible disabilities, stems from the profound impact such support can have on their lives. Together with her peers, she believes in the importance of creating a more inclusive and supportive society and champions tailored training initiatives for employees to provide the exceptional care that the AX Foundation has been providing. Additionally, she recognizes the vital role of the AX Foundation in extending financial assistance to employees facing adversity, reinforcing the organisation’s values of compassion and solidarity.


Ludgarda Schembri

Member & Sales Manager

Ludgarda Schembri, with over 21 years of service within the AX Group, has been a valuable member of the AX Foundation board, believing that as society advances, individuals with hidden disabilities tend to be marginalized due to various factors such as time constraints, stress, and a lack of empathy. She underscores the significance of the AX Foundation’s educational role, emphasizing that merely providing financial support for a cause is not enough. Ludgarda advocates giving a voice to those who silently struggle with such conditions that limit one’s capabilities to flourish. On a personal level, her experiences with friends who have autistic children and her own nephew with ADHD have heightened her awareness of the prevalence of invisible disabilities and the lack of understanding in society. This personal connection underscores the importance of the AX Foundation’s educational mission to her.


Renzo Vella

Member & Property Manager

Renzo Vella, who joined the AX Foundation Board a year ago, plays a pivotal role in procurement, offering valuable insights for decision-making, financial management, public relations, education, funding, and fundraising activities. He offers his time and competence to ensure the Foundation’s success in fulfilling its philanthropic mission and making a positive impact on society. Renzo’s passion for helping children and individuals with invisible disabilities is driven by his commitment to empowering them to live a fulfilling life without being marginalized from society. He advocates for their unique needs, strives to promote understanding and inclusion, and works to ensure they receive equal opportunities to thrive, ultimately contributing to a more compassionate and supportive world.

In terms of his professional history with the AX Group, Renzo holds the role of Property Manager and in this capacity, he manages the Group’s Estates Portfolio, which encompasses residential, commercial, and industrial properties in prime locations throughout Malta.


Marthese Gale

Member & Education and Retired Teacher

Marthese Galea has been a dedicated volunteer member of the AX Foundation for over 5 years. Her profound commitment towards education, and her enthusiasm for the learning process make her a valuable contributor to the Foundation. Even during her retirement, she continues to offer private one-to-one lessons to support children’s education by providing private one-on-one lessons.

Her expertise is particularly beneficial for children who encounter difficulties when learning in group learning environments and she considers it as a personal mission to assist individuals who struggle to integrate into the traditional educational settings. Marthese acknowledges the Foundation’s important role in aiding those who might otherwise be marginalized. She admires the Foundation’s efforts in making a meaningful difference in the lives of those with unseen disabilities, aligning with her own commitment to their cause. her own dedication to their cause.


Isabelle Abela

Member & Childcare Centre Director

Isabelle Abela, a Director of a Childcare Centre and a devoted board member of AX Foundation, has gained significant hands-on experience working directly with children, giving her sound insight into the frequently overlooked challenges faced by individuals with such disabilities.  This firsthand experience has strengthened her dedication to a mission founded on compassion and empathy, as she firmly believes that every child, regardless of their challenges, deserves the opportunity to thrive in a society that embraces diversity.

Isabelle’s eagerness to contribute to this endeavor has intensified during her year and a half with AX Foundation and acknowledges that by pooling resources, raising awareness, and fostering an empathetic environment, the AX Foundation can empower these children to create promising futures. She derives satisfaction in her involvement with the AX Foundation, which strives to guide every child with concealed disabilities towards a path to success and well-being.


Frederick Clark

Member & Project Coordinator

Frederick Clark, a founding member since the official launch of the Foundation in April 1994, became part of AXGroup when it acquired the Grand Hotel Verdala, where he served as General Manager. Finding fulfillment in being of service to others, especially through philanthropic work, the Foundation’s mission to offer both financial and holistic support to members of the Maltese community, resonates deeply with him.

What sets Frederick apart is not only his professional dedication but also his personal connection to the cause. Driven by personal family experiences of the challenges faced by children with invisible disabilities, he possesses a profound understanding of the struggles these families endure. This fuels his determination to play a pivotal role in supporting and uplifting dedicated family members.

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