AX Foundation’s continued collaboration with The Children in Need Foundation to Support Vulnerable Children in the Residential Care Homes of Fondazzjoni Sebħ

At AX Foundation, our mission has always been to provide assistance to children with invisible challenges and to support young individuals facing social, mental, or physical difficulties. We are thrilled to announce this continued collaboration, that extends our helping hand even further, reaching out to vulnerable children residing in Fondazzjoni Sebh’s residential homes.

In line with this vision, AX Foundation is proud of this collaboration with The Children in Need Foundation and Fondazzjoni Sebħ on this new pilot project focused on helping children living in Malta’s residential homes. This initiative will support 60 children in homes administered by the charitable organisation, which include Dar Fra Diegu and Dar San Nikola in Ħamrun, Dar Sagra Familja in Żabbar, Dar Sant Tereza in Żurrieq and il-Milja in Żejtun.

The focus of this collaborative initiative over 3 years will be to provide children and youths with much-needed therapy sessions, facilitated by qualified professionals. By sponsoring three children, AX Foundation is ensuring they receive regular therapy sessions amounting to a total cost of €22,500. These sessions are designed to empower these young individuals with vital skills and emotional support, enabling them to overcome their traumatic experiences and challenges, and develop more healthy coping skills and stable futures.

Moreover, the project includes training staff members in these homes to recognise important signs and behavior patterns that may indicate deeper trauma or emotional needs within the children. This opportunity will further support the staff members to accompany the children, providing effective care and assistance throughout their healing journey.

AX Foundation is eagerly working with The Children in Need Foundation and Fondazzjoni Sebħ to continue on this transformative project. Together, with collective efforts, community support, and professional care, we aim to empower children residing in these residential care homes to have the well-deserved opportunity for a brighter and more promising future.

From left to right –  Claudio Camilleri: Board Administrator Children in Need Foundation, Joseph Borg: Deputy Chairperson & Chief Financial Officer – AX Real Estate, Daniel Abela: Chairman Children in Need Foundation, Claire Zammit Xuereb: Chairperson of AX Foundation & AX Group Director of Hospitality and Care, Yvonne Mallia: Director of Fondazzjoni Sebh

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