Clover Apartments

AX Group is proud to launch our new quality development in Targa Gap, Mosta which will comprise expansive office space along with a showroom and a block of smart residential apartments. Situated in an easily accessible and quiet residential area, Clover Apartments are also conveniently located one minute’s walk away from Lidl supermarket and open country side.

The apartments have been designed to reflect the needs of future residents. Spacious and bright living areas are complemented by sizeable bedrooms with some apartments also featuring a walk-in wardrobe in addition to ensuite facilities. Wide balconies and terraces complement the airy open plan living areas and give residents the ability to enjoy their property during all seasons. The top floors have large terraces ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors.

We have designed the building the be energy efficient and outer walls will be properly insulated as will be all roofs and terraces. All apertures will be in double-glazed PVC with glass having the correct UV rating to minimise heat loss/gain due to the south-facing orientation of the block.  The underlying garages together with ample parking spaces are available for the use of owners and visitors alike.

For further information kindly contact Michelle Attard on +356 7904 6054 or send an email to

Apartments and Garages

Apartment 17

Overlooking Pedestrian Street

126 SQM
46 SQM
172 SQM



Garage (optional)


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