Introducing our AX Foundation Board Members

Behind every successful venture, is a group of dedicated individuals

AX Foundation is made up of a group of dedicated people who are passionate about driving positive change in our society, their latest mission being dedicated to helping people living with Hidden Disabilities. With Ms Claire Zammit Xuereb as Chairperson of AX Foundation, the Board is made up of nine more people, namely; Joseph Borg, Marthese Galea, Romina Pace, David Xuereb, Oswald Tanti, Frederick Clark, Anthony Micallef, Ludgarda Schembri and Mrs Josephine Xuereb as the Founder. Get to know what their aspirations are as part of the AX Foundation:


Claire Zammit Xuereb

Chairperson of AX Foundation & Hospitality Director of AX Hotels

“Fortunately there is a lot of charity going on here in Malta, so I wanted to find ourselves our own little niche and focus on an area in need. Hidden Disabilities are given less attention than the physical ones, and it is also one that requires education, something that I am most keen on. I believe that education is the key to everything. The value of material things diminishes and runs out. I much rather help teach someone how to fish than give them the fish itself, as this will give that person an element of independence as well as confidence – a much needed skill in order to survive in this world. Moreover, my goal is to start this investment with children, so we can monitor their progress as they grow, and continue to build on it and improve our ways as we go along. My ultimate goal is to prepare these children for the world of employability. To support them as they grow, to enable them to specialize in an area they feel competent in and could possibly excel in.”


Joseph Borg

Deputy Chairperson of AX Foundation & Head of Finance at AX Hotels

“I hope that through the new AX Foundation, we will manage to make a mark within our focus area – Hidden Disabilities – which is perhaps not always given the same attention and focus as other more visible areas. Our ultimate goal is to improve the lives of children and people living with hidden disabilities, by helping them acquire functional skills and independence. We would also like to create a general awareness of hidden disabilities within the community on a national level. Personally, it is a way of giving back some of my time and effort, to help others.”


Marthese Galea

AX Foundation Board Member – Education and Retired Teacher

“I was delighted to accept to be a board member of AX Foundation even before I knew what its mission statement was going to be – simply because I feel it is my duty to be of service to others and to society. When Ms Claire Zammit Xuereb announced that the mission was to help children with invisible disabilities this became more attractive to me. Although I don’t teach in a school anymore, I still have education close to my heart and strongly believe that the education of the person as a whole person is of paramount importance. I hope I can be of help to the foundation with my input of ideas as well as giving a helping hand when and where necessary if I have the skills needed. I hope the foundation will achieve its goals and leave a mark for the benefit of society.”


Ludgarda Schembri

Board member of AX Foundation –PR and Marketing & Sales and Marketing Manager for AX Qawra Properties

“My role in the AX Foundation is that of liaising with the group E-commerce and PR resources with the aim of giving due coverage, publicity and awareness to the Foundation. After working for the group for more than 17 years it is now also time for me to support another group purpose. I personally believe that the more sophisticated and avant-garde our society becomes, the more people with hidden disabilities are marginalised – for various reasons, lack of time, stress and even lack of empathy. For me it is important that the AX Foundation is taking an educational role (not just financing a cause), because only in this manner and because of the multiplier effect will we reach the multitude and not only individuals. Our society needs to become more aware and sensitive and even give a voice to those who are struggling in silence.”


Romina Pace

AX Foundation Board Member – Human Resources and Head of Human Resources for AX Hotels

“As Head of Human Resources for AX Hotels, I have been working with the group for 12 and a half years. My new role as a board member of AX Foundation is to always contribute to the scope of the foundation and to communicate all the relevant information with all the AX group employees. Moreover, I am responsible for facilitating all the internal processes that are necessary to have a streamlined approach. My personal aspiration is to be able to make a difference in the life of others in some way or another, through this venture.”

AX Foundation - Board Members

David Xuereb

AX Foundation Board Member – Events Coordinator & Self-Employed

“Being self-employed in the sector of property management, I have travelled to do charity work in Ethiopia and Nepal and have also been active with several local NGOs. In my role as the events coordinator for AX Foundation, I have already organized the first successful event in October, raising funds for AX Foundation’s projects. I will continue my mission to keep helping others and personally would like this project that we started to continue to help and train others, which, in turn, affects our society in the best way possible. The fact that we are helping people with hidden disabilities is a mission in its own as usually people help people that show their needs. In this way we can all contribute to change our society.”


Oswald Tanti

Treasurer of AX Foundation and Ex Member of Charitable Welfare Society

“I was one of the original members of the AX Foundation since it was set up in 2006, as well as the Charitable Welfare Society which was set up some ten years before to help NGO’s raise funds for their respective requirements. After retiring, I felt that is part of my personal contribution to support such philanthropic initiatives. I am a regular on the Board of Trustees since 2006 as H/Treasurer, a role which I still presently occupy, hoping that shortly, a much younger and more energetic individual will come forward to offer his services.”


Frederick Clark

Secretary of AX Foundation & Ex General Manager at Grand Hotel Verdala

I am mostly associated with the Grand Hotel Verdala where I worked for twenty-six years, the last ten of which I was its General Manager and more recently with the administration of the Verdala Mansions. Although well past my retiring age, I enjoy being of service to others especially by doing philanthropic work. As the Secretary of the AX Foundation, I am committed to ensuring that the aims of the Foundation are strictly adhered to.


Anthony Micallef

Board member of AX Foundation – Procurement and Purchasing Manager at Hilltop Gardens

“In my role within the AX Foundation, I am in charge of all the procurement done by the foundation. This complements my main job with AX Group, which is of Purchasing Manager at Hilltop Gardens Naxxar, although in the near future I will be taking the role of Purchasing Manager at AX Group Development. My aim is to reach many people in need with this foundation. As a board, I think we are heading in the right direction with our new and innovative ideas, hoping to inspire others to follow suit.”

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