AX Group donates lift to Dar il-Kaptan

AX Group – Malta’s leading diversified corporation operating in construction, development, healthcare, hospitality, and renewable energy – continues to give back to the community with a donation of a lift to Dar il-Kaptan, a respite home for people with disabilities. AX Director of Construction, Development and Real Estate, Ms Denise Micallef Xuereb visited Dar il-Kaptan to meet residents and members of staff, whilst seeing the works being carried out to install the new lift, valued at €25,000.


“Dar il-Kaptan has been providing care for people with disabilities and their families for the past 30 years. Thanks to the selfless work carried out by the team, hundreds of children and teens have found a second home where they can socialise, make new friends, and crucially, learn how to live independently. We at AX Group greatly admire the vital work they do here and wanted to make a contribution that will leave a lasting impact on accessibility and quality of life inside the home for residents, visitors, and staff alike,” said Ms Denise Micallef Xuereb.


“This new lift ensures that we can continue to carry out our mission to provide our clients with an accessible environment where they feel safe, supported, and at home. While we were increasingly aware that our old lift was nearing the end of its operations, being an NGO, its replacement was an added financial burden. Without a lift, our clients’ access to their rooms on the first floor and other areas of the home, such as the gardens, is highly jeopardised. I’d like to whole-heartedly thank AX Group for making this dream possible,” said Silvan Magro, Administrator of Dar il-Kaptan.


As a corporation with strong family values, AX Group takes great pride in its community investment initiatives. Over the years, the Group has continually raised funds and created awareness to help people in need through its support of the Malta Community Chest Fund and by organising Corporate Social Responsibility events in aid of various causes. In 2006, Group founder and chairman Mr Angelo Xuereb set up the AX Foundation as a proponent of supporting people living with invisible disabilities, with a special focus on children on the autism spectrum. Through its charitable and educational enterprises, AX Group continues to drive positive social changes that create a more inclusive future for all.


The Dar il-Kaptan Foundation is a non-profit NGO committed to providing a professional respite service to persons with disability and their families. The home ensures that families receive adequate support, so that persons with disability can remain in their family home and continue to live in their community thus avoiding institutionalisation. This is achieved by providing persons with disability with day breaks and residential respite stays in a healthy and safe environment. Such breaks give the primary carer the necessary respite to continue providing support to their disabled family member in the long term.

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