Supporting the Community: AX Group Partners with YMCA Malta on their 365 Campaign

AX Group is pleased to announce its support to YMCA Malta, contributing to the vital initiatives of their 365 Campaign, which includes aiding homelessness, mental health, domestic violence, and poverty alleviation efforts. The funds collected will be directed towards YMCA’s prevention, outreach, community, residential, and aftercare services, making a positive and tangible difference in the lives of those they support.

“Participating businesses in this campaign are integral towards continued and effective community support” said Mr. Kevin Callus, General Manager for Valletta hospitality properties at AX Group who presented AX Group’s donation to Ms. Julia Chetcuti, Head of Programme Development at YMCA Malta. “As we recognise YMCA’s valuable contribution to our society, including their presence in Valletta where we operate, we’re pleased to contribute to their efforts of providing free of charge services and non-formal education opportunities for the public at large” he continued.

Ms. Julia Chetcuti remarked that “all of YMCA’s services would not be possible without the support of organisations like AX Group. Every cent collected by this campaign directly supports our youth programmes; fund activities, workshops, creative projects and special events designed to equip young people with new skills and empower them to create a better world of their own”.

At AX Group, we uphold values that drive us to support organisations like YMCA, dedicated to enhancing lives and creating a brighter future for our community. Our contribution towards the 365 Campaign underscores our sense of responsibility to help make a lasting impact on our society, and we invite others to join us in supporting YMCA Malta’s important work.

For more information on how to join the 365 Campaign and donate, visit YMCA Malta’s website at

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