AX Hotels Ensuring Utmost Safety to All Guests

‘Our job now is to integrate these increased procedures into our business model, in order to make them sustainable and a new norm for tomorrow.’


AX Hotels is a brand well-known for always keeping guests’ well-being at the top of their list. However, with the current COVID-19 situation in mind, measures have gone beyond cleanliness at this point. Hoteliers are now required to adjust to a new normal and sterilize the environment that they live and work in.


Asked about what the future might look like for hospitality, Claire Zammit Xuereb, Hospitality Director at AX Hotels claimed that ‘Our job now is to integrate these increased procedures into our business model, in order to make them sustainable and a new norm for tomorrow. This may mean that certain amenities in hotel rooms may be removed and now delivered straight to the room, fresh and sanitized, on-demand. A selection of hand sanitizers and face masks might instead be introduced as guest room amenities. Rooms are being re-arranged to provide for suitable in-room dining. We are also exploring the idea of self-check-in kiosks to provide a contact-less environment wherever possible. Luckily, we had been heading towards the design of our guest room experience to a fresh, crisp and clean space, before COVID-19 happened, which helped us immensely to adapt to this new reality we are living in.


AX Hotels have introduced a ‘clean and safe’ task force in each property composed of trained people, by experts in the field, to oversee daily operations for a germ-free environment. Each department will follow new procedures and protocols including a number of high-touch points that will be deep cleaned on a daily basis and now added as standard-operating procedures. Staff will be provided with personal protective equipment and increased training to protect their own well-being, as well as, their guests.


Ms Xuereb goes on to say that, ‘as one can imagine these will all add heavy overheads to our operations but we realize that this has now become our new reality. A reality we need to live with, every day. I’m positive that once we show the world that we have taken the situation seriously, we will build back the confidence. This is the only way our industry will start to take shape again’.


Our goal is to provide our guests with assurance and peace of mind. This initiative will create a focus on cleanliness that will be visible to guests throughout their entire stay, in all our spaces. We need to physically demonstrate that we are sterilizing ourselves now, not only cleaning. This needs to be evident and guaranteed. At AX Hotels we will be coming up with a sticker that guarantees the sanitization of that item before it is served, where applicable.’


All the 7 hotels and 17 restaurants that form part of AX Hotels have actioned plans to improve the safety of operations and communicated these new procedures clearly to internal customers and external ones.


If you want to know more about AX Hotels’ safety measures and procedures, read our article here.

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