We are now AX group

Michael Warrington, CEO of AX Group explains the reasoning for the move. “Some knew us thanks to Mr Angelo Xuereb and his bright ideas like the Valletta Waterfront or his proposals to improve Malta’s transport system. Some fell in love with our revamped Luzzu restaurant.

Others regularly go to AX Seashells or AX The Palace for Sunday lunches and others know us thanks to the first retirement village on the island – Hilltop Gardens. But not many were connecting all these businesses together. Not many know that AX group consists of 35 companies operating in four divisions AX Care, AX Construction, AX Development and our own hotel chain AX Hotels. And so in order to tell this story about our companies we embarked on this rebranding project”

Today the plan is to enhance the family business with all its strengths with robust corporate structures. This will support group’s business needs and propel forward its’ ambitious growth strategy. One visual and corporate identity can help in achieving that. In tandem with this brand consolidation exercise we are standardising our operating procedures, values and principles across the group.

“We want people to see us as a diverse group of companies.  We have many exciting projects we are working on. For instance in 2019 we will be opening our 7th hotel under the AX Hotels brand making us one of the largest local hotel chains on the island” – Michael Warrington continued.

“We are long term investors building projects which are innovative, have vision and which we believe have a positive impact on peoples’ lives. I am proud to say that “We are AX Group” – Michael Warrington concluded.

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