Qawra’s Luzzu Restaurant revamped

Qawra’s popular restaurant underwent a complete overhaul. After 4 months of work Luzzu is now back in business. The restaurant has a whole new look and style but don’t worry you will still find your favourites on the menu. The idea was to create something wholesome yet stylish. An environment where families will be comfortable while enjoying a great meal.

Luzzu has been the brain child of Claire Zammit Xuereb and General Manager Joe Vella of AX hotels.

The inspiration for this new restaurant was to invite you into our kitchen – we wanted the customers to get the feeling as if they were at their Mum’s dining table enjoying their favourite dish. We love interior design and we looked at every detail when completing this project – from choosing the tiles for the table tops that you’d find at homes, looking for the right knobs for the drawers to old stainless steel utensils that are displayed at the counter. We really stop at nothing in providing our customers the full experience. – Joe Vella commented.

Another element important in this project was to cater for families or single parents with children. As the couple parent three young children themselves they know exactly how difficult it is for the little ones to sit through a meal.

The kids play area is now three times bigger than before and parents can literally see their young ones from every corner of the restaurant. We also created a menu for the little ones full that is full of healthy options. Plus if they eat well we have a Special Pantry where they can chose a delicious treat. We really wanted to create an all-round and stress free experience for the families” – Claire Zammit Xuereb added.

Parents can also come to Luzzu and work. There is a designated area where one can plug in and your little one can enjoy the play area.

Now even more than ever we hope that Luzzu continues to be the go to destination for family dining.

Luzzu is owned and managed by AX Hotels part of AX Holdings.

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