Largest photovoltaic plant in Malta to produce enough energy for 2,200 homes

Prime Minister, Robert Abela inaugurated Malta’s first-ever solar power plant; a joint project between AX Group, PX Letting and Solar Solutions.


Former to this project in 1990, the quarry, located on the outskirts of Mgarr, was formerly known as HardRocks. The plant was developed under the remit of Imsielet Solar Ltd and it was previously used to extract rock and to crush aggregate. Later on, the quarry was used as a landfill for construction and demolition waste.


On Wednesday 8th July, Prime Minister Robert Abela inaugurated this solar power plant that has the power to produce around 8,600,00 kW of electricity, enough energy to power around 2,200 homes around Malta and Gozo.


During the inauguration, Prime Minister Abela claimed that this project strikes the right balance between business and the environment since he believes that the rehabilitation of this project will produce a reduction of emissions for cleaner air.


Mr Angelo Xuereb, Chairman of AX Group, claims that ‘this project has been a long time in the making – 10 years to be precise. As Dr Abela rightly said, I believe that this project provides the right balance between the business industry and the need for a sustainable environment’.


The power plant is spread out over 90,000 square meters of land. Of this, 50,000 square meters is covered by solar panels while 30,000 square meters was used to plant trees, including olive trees, and pathways.

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