The Restoration and Embellishment of the St. Michael’s Bastions

A 32-week project, undertaken by AX Construction, slowly coming to fruition


Staying on target during this difficult time is not an easy task but it is not in AX Construction’s nature to be idle and sit still. New and exciting projects are always brewing in the company’s mind and, this latest project, although still in its early stages, is finally flourishing and blooming.


AX Construction has been working on the restoration and embellishment of the St. Michael’s Bastions and the Remains of St. Michael Cavalier (situated on the same bastions) for the past weeks. The project, however, will be completed in 32 weeks. The aim of this restoration is to achieve complete rehabilitation of the whole area, including full accessibility from the public.


AX Construction is mostly focusing on the fortification walls, superior slope/s and platform over the casemated vaults forming the entrance into the city, as well as the structural restoration of the iconic Clock Tower.

With this renovation, the bastion facades, as well as the clock tower, will be freed from any accumulated accretions and overgrown vegetation. The stone masonry will also be cleaned from stains and biological growth while the damaged stone feature will be repaired or replaced, depending on its condition. The timber and metal apertures will be restored or replaced, depending on the state of deterioration, with ones having identical features, design and structure.


The centerpiece will also be given appropriate care. The characteristic copper dome, situated at the top of the clock tower, will be repaired and restored to its full shining glory. The steel and timber staircase will also be restored and repaired. The construction team is also aiming that the panoramic Belvedere and the Gardjola will be brought back to their former glory with this renovation. Additionally, a specialised contractor has been employed to restore the building’s iconic clock and give life to its mechanism.

‘It is always such an honour to see our projects come to fruition’, claims Ms Denise Micallef Xuereb, Construction & Development Director. ‘We are extremely proud to be given the opportunity to be able to restore and care for these grand walls that hold so much history. We hope to do them justice and bring them back to life in the way that they truly deserve. I’m also very proud of all the hard work that the team has put into this restoration to be able to successfully deliver this project in time’.


The St. Michael’s Bastions and the Remains of St. Michael Cavalier restoration is the first of a comprehensive project, undertaken by the Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation for the rehabilitation of the entrance into the city of Senglea. The aim is to render the entrance more legible from a historic perspective, upgrade and landscape the open spaces just inside the walls including Piazza Mitrovich, the complete restoration of the Clocktower and to make the platform over the casemated vaults accessible to the public and provide cultural and ancillary services in the area.

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