Simblija Care Home

Our aim at AX Care is primarily that of providing quality of care when dependency does not allow one to be cared for or even live at home.


Through Simblija Care Home, we provide comprehensive, in-house care services and bespoke clinical care plans depending on the needs of each individual resident. An investment in the latest health information technology allows us to develop and implement an integrated health information system which is the foundation to all the services that we provide.


Based on the three principles of Care, Compassion and Commitment we at Simblija Care Home;

  • Provide a consistently high quality of care to our residents.
  • Meet our residents’ physical, mental, social and spiritual needs, within a safe, secure and comfortable environment.
  • Create a home environment where residents can remain active in their everyday activities whilst connected to their families and friends.
  • Enable residents to live independent and fulfilled lives as far as they are able, with dignity and privacy in a safe, tranquil, and elegant environment.
  • Assist residents along their journey of care by providing the right care tailor made to their individual needs through competent professionals and workers.
  • Continually strive to provide a holistic, person centered approach of care to our residents.
  • Show care, compassion and competence to our residents to our multi-disciplinary team made up of numerous professionals.


We have interviewed two of our residents to learn more about their experience with us so far. Have a look!


For more details on care packages and for all the latest offers check log on or contact us on 2235 1000

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