“I am Active”

This is the first walk/run organized by Simblija Care home. Over 150 people took part in this activity held on the 7th October 2018 in order to celebrate the International Day of Older Persons.

Charmaine Attard claimed that as we grow older an active lifestyle becomes paramount to our health. “As the General Manager of Simblija Care home I recognize more the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle especially as we grow older. We need to keep exercise as part of our daily routine. The more we get used to being active as part of our everyday timetable, the more we are able to maintain it as a part of our lifestyle even in the long term.

Simblija Care home encourages all types of activities in the elderly lives’ daily routine, starting from physical activities within our facilities like pool therapy or even walks in the gardens, surrounding the premises to mental stimulating activities like crossword competitions, reminiscence or bingo, which are organized regularly at the Care Home.

It is for this reason that we have partnered with K9 Malta to come to Simblija Care Home and organize activities with the residents through what they refer to as ‘pet therapy’. The residents now look forward to the dogs visiting and always eagerly wait for their scheduled visits, which bring joy and smiles all around.

“Therefore, together we have organized this walk/run in order in order to raise awareness about the importance of being active, especially as we grow older. It was truly satisfying to see people of all ages come together and raise awareness about such an important topic” – Mrs. Attard continued.

Donations collected from the event went towards K9 Urban Search and Rescue Malta.  Simblija Care Home is part of the AX Care.

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