Hilltop Gardens

Commenced construction works on Hilltop Gardens

Works on Hilltop Gardens commenced in 2014. Hilltop Gardens Care Home and Residences is spread over an impressive 17,000 square metre footprint. It offers beautiful surroundings, including ample landscaped areas and state of-the-art facilities for a vibrant community. Hilltop Gardens is located in the highest part of Naxxar with a sole purpose in mind; to offer you the possibility of doing the things you’ve always loved to do, whilst living the life you’ve always dreamed of. Hilltop Gardens is a truly unique place that you will be proud to call your home.

Hilltop Gardens will optimize the opportunities of your health, participation and security in order to enhance your quality of life as you age. But, it will also guarantee a totally independent lifestyle. It will place you at the very heart of its community and all the amenities you may require in everyday life may be found within close proximity of your new home. Spend quality time outdoors and enjoy the vast open spaces right outside your doorstep. Take a stroll down the purposely designed walk-ways, sit on a bench, or enjoy the weather whilst reading a book. You may also want to take a tour around our magnificent gardens which offer an inspiring atmosphere or you may very well choose to relax under the shade of a gazebo in the public areas. Hilltop Gardens Care Home and Residences also includes a nursing home which provides intensive nursing care to dependent elderly residents. Read More

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