AX Construction Entrusted with building the New Museum of St John’s Co-Cathedral

AX Construction is extremely proud to have been entrusted with the extension and refurbishment of St John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta. After a rigorous tendering process, AX Construction was awarded the project based on the team’s proven track record of completing a wide range of of prestigious restoration projects to a high calibre standard.


The Co-Cathedral is a building of great historical, cultural, and architectural significance, embodying centuries of Maltese heritage. Built between 1572 and 1577 by the Knights of Malta, the church is considered to be one of the finest examples of high Baroque architecture in Europe.


“This is an immense honour for AX Construction and one we do not take lightly. Our years of experience combined with the exceptional workmanship of our team have given us the confidence and the essential skills to oversee such a complex and historically sensitive project as this. The restoration of St John’s Co-Cathedral also marks another important milestone in AX Group’s wider vision of regenerating and restoring value to our beloved capital city. Our team understands the immensity of this project and we’re eager to put our skills, knowledge, and experience to work on restoring such an iconic national landmark,” says Ms Denise Micallef Xuereb, Director of Construction and Development at AX Group.


AX Construction will be responsible for the refurbishment of the church’s existing exhibition areas and the restoration of the historical façade along the building’s perimeter. The project will also see the construction of a new exhibition hall within the vicinity of the Cathedral’s Oratory and Bartolott Crypt.


In order to preserve this building’s historical details, the restoration works require a great deal of specialist knowledge and sensitivity—skills that the AX Construction team has acquired over the past 45 years of operating within the local sector. AX Construction’s exceptional project management experience will also be put to good use through coordinating and creating synergy between the extensive team of engineers, restorers, archaeologists, stone masons, and highly specialised construction professionals who will all be contributing to returning St John’s Co-Cathedral to its full glory.

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