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Company Statement: Platform Merchant Street Valletta

30.08.2021 With reference to the platform being erected in Merchant Street, Valletta, the AX Group wishes to clarify that prior to commencing works, it has diligently followed all the necessary planning and consultation processes according to law.  The entire planning process was carried out in consultation with all the stakeholders as part of the standard […]

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Agility and Versatility in this Time of Crisis

For AX Group – Malta’s leading corporation operating in Hospitality, Construction, Development, Care and Estates– the COVID-19 crisis has proven to be one prolonged opportunity to seek change and new business opportunities. A level-headed management strategy coupled with a penchant for versatility has seen AX Group navigate the stormy waters of the pandemic and emerge […]

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AX Group Disclaimer

    Reference is made to The Times of Malta article, dated Tuesday 13th April, wherein Luzzu Catering Ltd. is mentioned.  AX Group wishes to clarify that the mentioned company is not associated directly or indirectly with Luzzu Restaurant in Qawra.

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AX Group publishes 2020 Annual Report

  AX Group’s 2020 annual report is now available online. The publication contains the Group’s financial statements along with overviews of its core activities across the key sectors it operates in, namely construction, development, healthcare, and hospitality. In the face of a public health emergency and unprecedented operating conditions, AX Group has continued to respond to […]

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