AX The Victoria Hotel

AX The Victoria Hotel was developed by AX Group in 1996 as a four-star, 142-room, classical Victorian-style hotel in the heart of Sliema. The elegant hotel began operating in 1997 and is marketed as a five-star experience in luxurious living and accommodation. Today, it is considered one of the best hotels in Malta’s commercial centre.

Its high-end facilities include rooms finished to exquisite standards, outdoor and indoor pools, a steam room, sauna and spa, a health and fitness centre, and multi-purpose conference halls. When AX The Victoria Hotel opened, it also brought exceptional dining to its corner of Sliema.

The hotel was last refurbished in 2018. And to this day, its proximity to AX The Palace Hotel allows AX Group to centralise the management functions of both hotels and share many of the fixed costs to maximise efficiency profits.

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